About the Apartment

Our opening hours are:

Tuesday - Sunday midday - 10p.m

Monday 5p.m. - 9.30p.m.

We have a private dining room that can seat up to 22 people and there is no charge for its use.

Our phone number is 0131 228 6456

We can be reached online at theapartmenthq@hotmail.co.uk

The Apartment is an independent restaurant.

Owners....Karen & Ruori Stewart (with olive & ice cream tasting duties from Ivy & Annie)

Head Chef.... Matt MacIver
Sous Chef ... Karol Kogut
Chef de partie.. Seweryn Lewinski

Our front of house would be utterly lamentable without Patricia Vazquez-Garcia.




Where to find us

The Apartment
7-13 Barclay Place
EH10 4HW
United Kingdom
For bookings please call 0131 228 6456